From the darkest dirt grows a weak seedling
Striving for a breath of the brisk dawn breeze

Pushing thru the earth with a powerful burst

It’s head is pained from the draining accomplishment. Puncturing thru the clay and rubble around him.

A hint of daylight arrouses the youngster.
Fueled with more pride, he becomes a monster.
Concur an take over



Rise above with unselfish love


I try

I strive to be strong, but you dose me with poison
I try to move on and remember my reason.
You’re blinded by your mind
And it’s seeping thru my pores
I try to rise up I try to ignore the clouded horizon beckons me.
I know beyond there is a world
Of hope a world of no suffering
A world to cope with inner demons

The fine diamonds in your eyes gleam brighter than your disguise


Looking to find

The blue
The grey
The green
Your eyes

The moon
The stars
The light
They cry

Your skin
My hands
Sly smile
Our minds

It’s everything
I’ve Been looking to find

Passion love forever it’s mine


Little miss red head

How is it that a certain Persons voice can just make every nerve in our body rattle.

Far beyond not liking a person, just total hatred. You can imagine slamming their face into the wall they are standing by when you walk by them.

I always wonder if there is anyone who feels this way about me… If so, do I even care?? They may feel this way because I did something bad to them- I only do mean things to people I don’t care for, so should I care? Nah!


The Recipe

There is a recipe everyone keeps telling you about, it’s the best! But, the only person who knows it speaks a different language than you.  Their niece spoke the language as a child and tries her hardest to translate it onto paper for you. Before getting it, some family members want to read it.  As it travels around, Someone takes out an ingredient and adds some that are native to the area and easier to come by.  The poor paper is now crumbled and has spills on it. It is rewritten, but a step was taken out when you finally get it.  Would you have faith that the meal will come out as you expected?  Would you end up wasting your time and ingredients on something non edible?  Or, will you say “fuck it” and make something you know “by heart” using the ingredients you know you love?