Sell Out!

I was talking to a fellow music junkie and he was expressing with great emotion how he was upset that one of his longtime favorite musicians had “Sold Out”
It got me thinking, since I have also felt this before- but why?
As a musician/Artist having a sold out show and selling millions of records means you must be doing something right. The fact that an person can formulate notes from their brain and transfer them through their fingers or mouth and touch someone else’s heart amazes me.
I have been to live shows where I’ve been in tears, because the connection between me and a person I’ve never met before that is on stage have a similar emotional connection that they turned into harmony.
Why would I be so greedy and not want others to feel this too??
So for my fellow musician- GOOD LUCK AND SELL OUT!
Just don’t start adding that vocoder and low vocal on your tracks that EVERY pop song has in it right now.


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