Philip Seymour Hoffman

Heroin has been around for a really long time and you NEVER hear about how it’s made someone’s life incredibly awesome. It’s nothing to mess around with! You will become it’s Slave! You will lose your most precious belongings, friends, family and usually your life. If you do get off of it, most likely for the rest of your life you will be haunted by the need. PLEASE NEVER TRY IT!!! If you have, I hope and pray you get off of it and have the strength to never succumb to it again. I have seen too many obituaries of friends and aquantences. RIP PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN. You were not my friend but many love you and are deeply saddened with your death. I am sending my thoughts and prayers out to those who have lost themselves or someone to this horrible drug I renamed the grim reaper.


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